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There is a Brahman which is all pervading and pervasive. That was always there and that will always be there. That is the beginning and that is the end. That is everything.

There is an Atman, pieces that come out of Brahman. That Atman enters Maya (Prakriti).

Brahman is Purush (pure consciousness and energy). Atman comes out of it and enters Maya (Prakriti) and the atman is surrounded by a physical structure body. Atman reveals itself through Chetna (consciousness), Chetna interacts with body, and body interacts with Maya (Prakriti) through three ways (Sattvik Guna, Rajasik Guna and Tamasik Guna). Every interaction generates Karma. Good deeds generate good Karma and bad deeds generate bad Karma.

When the body dies, the Atman takes another birth in any of the six categories (Aquatic, Plants, Insects, Birds, Animals and Humans) based on the thought of the Atman at the time of death and its Karmic balance.

Karma can only be generated in human life because only humans have free will and c…
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Commonly Used Abbreviations Used Daily

Although, we tend to use short form of long words in daily life but there are many abbreviations which we don't remember. Below is the list of common abbreviations which are used in day to day life.

AMOLED: Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode
APN: Access Point Name
ATM: Automated Teller Machine
ASLV: Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle

Bcc: Blind Carbon Copy

Cc: Carbon Copy
CD: Compact Disc
CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access
CAPTCHA: Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers And Humans Apart
CCTV: Closed Circuit Television
CPU: Central Processing Unit
CST: Central Sales Tax
CRR: Cash Reserve Ratio
CAG: Controller And Auditor General

DIVX: Digital Internet Video Access
DLNA: Digital Living Network Alliance
DOS: Disk Operating System
DTP: Desk Top Publishing
DVD: Digital Video Disk
DVI: Digital Video Interface
DVR: Digital Video Recorder
DSL: Digital Subscriber Line

EDGE: Enhanced Data Rates For Global Evolution
ESN: Electronic Serial Number
ECS: Electronic Clearing System

How to Protect Yourself Against Ransomware Attack?

As more and more organizations are increasing their dependency on information technology, any disruption to these services can have negative impact on the organization’s functioning. Recent incidents of Ransomware is one of such that can cause severe disruption and financial loss to any organization. Hence, it is very important for any organization to keep their information technology (IT) infrastructure safe and hack-free as much as possible.

What is Ransomware, anyway?
Ransomware is a malicious program which encrypts user’s data on their computer and ask money in return to decrypt it. Encryption is a legitimate program in computer which is used for safeguarding data in the event that computer is lost. Nobody can open and look at the data without the encryption key. Hence, safeguarding the data from being compromised. The Ransomware utilizes that feature of the operating system to encrypt the compromised system by tricking a user to click on a malicious link sent either through email …

Massive Ransomware Attack

A massive Ransomware attack took place this weekend which has caused severe disruption to many organizations around the world. The name of the ransomware has been identified as “WannaCry”. The current available information indicates that the ransomware is initiated through SMBv2 remote code execution vulnerability in Microsoft Operating System based computers. Microsoft has provided a critical security update for the vulnerability in March 2017.

Affected Resources
All Windows operating systems which has not applied Microsoft Windows SMB Server (4013389) security update are most likely to be affected by WannaCry ransomware. Have a look at the following page for more details about the affected systems:
MS17-010: Security update for Windows SMB Server: March 14, 2017

Solutions / Response
1. Check all your system and make sure that all are updated with latest Windows Security patches

2. If you have IDS installed in your organization, regularly monitor and respond to IDS events promptly

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 32GB Brief Description, Specifications and Price in India

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 32GB Smartphone (Dual-SIM) was launched in May 2017. It has 5.5-inch Full HD IPS LCD Capacitive touchscreen and the resolution of the screen is 1080 x 1920 pixels at a pixel density of 401 pixels per inch. Another important thing to know about the screen of the Smartphone is that the screen is not Scratch Resistant.

Image Source:
Other Specifications of the Smartphone is as follows:
The phone is powered by 2GHz Octa Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor.It comes with two variants of RAM - 2GB and 3GBThe phone is 8.35-mm thin and weight is 165g (2GB RAM)The 32GB of internal memory storage can be expanded upto 128GB via a microSD cardIt runs Android 6.0It is powered by a 4100mAH battery which is really impressiveAs connectivity options, it has GPS, HotSPot, Wi-Fi, BluetoothThe main camera is 13MP with Auto-Focus, Face Detection, Panorama, Geo-tagging, HDR, Touch Focus, Video recording, Digital Zoom.The also has Front facing Camera of 5MP for taking good sel…

Introduction to vi editor

The vi editor is the classic screen editing program for Unix systems and is based on a older line editor called ex. It can be used from any type of terminal because it doesn’t depend on arrow and function keys. It uses standard alphabetic keys for command as well as arrow keys.
There are number of enhanced version of vi exists. Some of them are nvi, vim, vile and elvis. In Linux, the vi command is a link to one of these programs. Most likely it will be vim. Most of the Linux distributions have vi and emacs text editor already installed. In Linux, configuration files are written in plain English. Hence, text editors are required to make changes to these files. The editing capabilities can be invoked within vi by pressing the colon (:), entering ex command and then pressing the Return key. ex commands are still important part of vi and is sometimes called hex in Linux.
Learning vi or emacs is must for every Linux or Unix user. There are some GUI based text editors available. But, there…

Website Promotion

Unfortunately, there is no shortcut way to get traffic to your website. You need to work actively and follow the guidelines mentioned below for that. I believe that your website is ready and online. Next thing is to promote your site so that you can attract traffic towards your website. Only free and reliable methods are discussed to promote your site and which will bring traffic to your site.
1. Get your site work properly:This is very important thing to consider. Before you start promoting your site, you should make sure that your site is complete and well-structured. Otherwise, you won’t be able to retain the incoming visitors.
2. Optimize your site for Search Engines:After your site is ready for human, now the time has come to make it good for search engine so that spider can understand it and give it better ranking in search engine. ReadSite Optimization for Search Enginesto get more idea about it. This is one of the best and free ways to get visitors to your website. You should …