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Windows System Requirements

Windows Vista System Requirement As a matter of fact, most of the newly bought computers should be Vista capable. But it is better to verify it if you computer meets minimum Windows Vista recommended system requirements. Microsoft has also developed a tool calledWindows Vista Upgrade Advisorwhich can scan your computer and determine if your computer meets the recommended system requirements and can run Windows Vista without any problem. At the same time, you may wish to know the minimum and recommended system requirements for Windows Vista installation. The system requirements differ from oneeditionto another. Here is the list of recommended system requirements for Windows Vista:
1. Minimum System Requirements– for Windows Vista Home Basic/Premium, Business and Ultimate CPU - 800 MHz processorRAM - 512 MB of system memoryHDD - 20 GB hard drive with at least 15 GB of available spaceVideo Card – Should have support for Super VGA graphicsCD/DVD drive2. Recommended System Requirements- for…

Merge Skype Account with Microsoft or Facebook Account

After the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft, Skype has been displaying a message at login screen to merge your Skype account with either to Microsoft or Facebook Account. There are still many people out there who has not merged their Skype account with Microsoft account(i.e.,, account) yet. This is not a big deal until you get your Windows 8 machine and wants to use Skype. Skype in Windows 8 doesn't allow you to login using Skype ID. You have to have yourSkype account linked to your Microsoft accountin order to signin and use Skye service in Windows 8. So, how do you do that? Lets follow steps below and you will be set -
1. Download the latest Skype Version or update it to latest version if you already have one installed in your computer.
2. Open the Skype and at the right side of its Window - you will see a link "Alternatively, Sign in with - Microsot Account or Facebook". Microsoft Account means, or accounts.
3. Ne…

Diable Registry Editing in Windows

In some computers, you may come across this message that "registry editing has been disabled by your administrator". This is a good practice to disable registry editing to protect your computer from Visrus. Only problem with that is you can not install any program in your computer unless you enable the registry editing back on. Follow the steps below to disable the registry editing. This has been tested on my Windows XP operating system.
1. Go toStart -> Runand type gpedit.msc. This will open Group Policy Windows.
2. Navigate toUser Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System -> Prevent access to registry editing tool.
3. Then Click on "Prevent access to registry editing tool" and select "Enabled" under Setting Tab and Click Apply and then OK.
4. Now try to edit the registry and You will see this error "Registry Editing has been disabled by your Administrator".

Useful Shortcut Keys for MS Excel

In continuation of my previous post of useful shortcut keys for MS Word, I am going to list some of the useful shortcut keys for MS Excel. MS Excel is such a great application and lot of us who is more involved in financial and project management job tends to use MS Excel a lot. So, this list of shortcut keys for MS Excel will be very useful for any type of Excel users. HELP: F1 Key:-  Need Help in Excel, press F1 Key E DITING: F2 Key:- Press F2 to edit the current cell Ctrl + B:- To toggle bold text Ctrl + C:- To  copy the selected items Ctrl + X:- To cut the selected item Ctrl + V:-  To paste the items from clipboard Ctrl + U:- To toggle underlined Text Ctrl + Y:- Redo the last undone action Ctrl + Z:-  Undoes the last action F12 Key:- To open file "Save As" dialog Ctrl + A:- To select entire worksheet F7 Key:- Press F7 Key to start spell check Ctrl + F:- To display Find dialog box Ctrl + H:- To display the Replace dialog box. Ctrl + I:- To toggle italic Text CTRL + S:- To save file CTRL + 1

Reset HP 2320 fxi MFP To Factory Default

There are so many situations when your HP Printer is not behaving the way it should be. Part of initial troubleshooting is to reset the printer to its default setting and it fixes so many unknow problem. If that is the situation and you want to reset your HP LaserJet 2320 fxi MFP printer, then follow the steps below -
Reset to Factory default:
1. Turn OFF Printer
2. With Printer OFF, Press at the same time the right arrow key  and Cancel (X)
3. Press the Printer ON
4. Keep it pressed till"Permanent Storage init" message appears on the screen and then release theCancelandarrowbutton.
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Serach Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine is a program which stores information about web pages on the WWW (World Wide Web). Information about web pages is stored in index databases. When a user types any queries in the search engine, then the search engine looks up the stored index database and provides the best matching web page to the user. Here is the point. To maximize the earning you have to get traffic as much as possible. More traffic means more money and search engine has potential to send lots of traffic to your web site. But for that you have to optimize your website for search engine. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. SEO is a method of improving website ranking in search engine index database. Better the search engine ranking, your page is likely to appear in first few pages of search result. That means more traffic to your website. The following are a few tips which can help you to dramatically improve the ranking of your website inSERP(i.e. Search Engine Result Page) and increase the tr…

Virtual Private Server Hosting Guide

INTRODUCTION This is a beginners guide to setup Linux VPS server. This guide is aimed at covering everything which will be needed by a beginner in order to build and maintain his/her own Linux based Virtual Private Server. If you don't know Linux or don't know what is a terminal, still the guide should help you achieve your goal of setting up your very first VPS Server.
Web hosting can be tricky for beginners - there are wide varieties of hosting services available such as Shared Hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated Hosting. Usually, most of us starts with shared hosting and gradually move to VPS or dedicated server hosting depending upon the traffic or bandwidth requirement of the website. As your website starts to get more and more web traffic, it excels the need to go for either VPS or dedicated server hosting.
Shared Hosting is usually cheap and easy in setup but very limited in resources. On the other hand - dedicated servers are powerful and easy in customization but they …

Unlink Skype from Microsoft Account

Unlink Skype from  Microsoft / Facebook Accounts

I ran into problem this morning when I was trying to merge aSkype Account to hotmail accountfor one of my friends. The failure was due to the reason that he had merged his skype account with his yahoo account. In theory, Skype account can not be merged with more than one account for Microsoft account. The error message was not clear so I started looking for possible reason.
I took following steps to fix this problem. Steps:
- Log into your skype account -
- This takes you to the profile overview (If it doesn't, click on your username on the left top corner).
- Scroll the page down and look for Account Details as shown in the picture below - - Click onAccount Settingsas highlighted in red.
- It will show the Linked Microsoft Account as well as Facebook if you have linked your Facebook account as shown below -
- Click on the "Unlink" as shown in the screenshot above to unlink skypoe from your Microso…

How to Turn PowerPoint Presentation into a Video

Did you know that a PowerPoint 2010 Presentation can be converted into a video without using any third party software? The answer is yes. With MS PowerPoint 2010, Microsoft implemented this feature which makes it easy to turn any PowerPoint presentation into a video as .WMV (i.e. Windows Media Video) file. The converted video file incorporates all recorded timing, narrations, and laser point gestures and preserves animations, transitions and media embedded into the presentation.

This how-to guide illustrates how to turn your PowerPoint presentation slide into video so that you can do following or more with it easily – 1. Burn into DVD and distribute or upload to Video sharing sites such as YouTube etc.
2. Taking it further, convert the .wmv file into .mp4 using free video converter and transfer that file to iPad/iPod or Android based tablets /Smartphones.
3. You can also watch the converted video in Television at your comfort if it contains slideshow of your favorite photos. This does…