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Virtual Private Server Hosting Guide

INTRODUCTION This is a beginners guide to setup Linux VPS server. This guide is aimed at covering everything which will be needed by a beginner in order to build and maintain his/her own Linux based Virtual Private Server. If you don't know Linux or don't know what is a terminal, still the guide should help you achieve your goal of setting up your very first VPS Server.
Web hosting can be tricky for beginners - there are wide varieties of hosting services available such as Shared Hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated Hosting. Usually, most of us starts with shared hosting and gradually move to VPS or dedicated server hosting depending upon the traffic or bandwidth requirement of the website. As your website starts to get more and more web traffic, it excels the need to go for either VPS or dedicated server hosting.
Shared Hosting is usually cheap and easy in setup but very limited in resources. On the other hand - dedicated servers are powerful and easy in customization but they …

How to Limit Reference Field Option in Drupal 7

This tutorials is about how to limit reference field options in Drupal 7 hierarchy taxonomy.

In Drupal 7, taxonomy list selection is not very user friendly if you have a hierarchy structure of taxonomy such as: -Delhi     - Connaught Place     - Saket -Ghaziabad     - Vaishali     - Vasundhara
In the above case, most suitable solution would be to have two separate taxonomy vocabularies - one forCityand other one forCity Locationand theappearance of city locations should depend on the selection of cityname. Apparently, there is a module called "Hierarchical Select" in Drupal which does this job of multiple selection list for taxonomy but it doesn't quite do what we actually expect. We'll be achieving the above discussed result using "Reference field option limit" module. You should download this module and install and enable it before going through all the process.
1. Add Vocabulary - Create a vocabulary calledCitywith the following 2 terms - Delhi Ghaziabad


There is a Brahman which is all pervading and pervasive. That was always there and that will always be there. That is the beginning and that is the end. That is everything.

There is an Atman, pieces that come out of Brahman. That Atman enters Maya (Prakriti).

Brahman is Purush (pure consciousness and energy). Atman comes out of it and enters Maya (Prakriti) and the atman is surrounded by a physical structure body. Atman reveals itself through Chetna (consciousness), Chetna interacts with body, and body interacts with Maya (Prakriti) through three ways (Sattvik Guna, Rajasik Guna and Tamasik Guna). Every interaction generates Karma. Good deeds generate good Karma and bad deeds generate bad Karma.

When the body dies, the Atman takes another birth in any of the six categories (Aquatic, Plants, Insects, Birds, Animals and Humans) based on the thought of the Atman at the time of death and its Karmic balance.

Karma can only be generated in human life because only humans have free will and c…