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Rename, Add or Remove Labels in Blogspot

Labels are used to categories posts in blogspot blogs. Properly categorized posts make it easier for readers to navigate and find the right contents. As the site grows, you may want to systematically improve the navigation of your site and might want to manage labels. You might also want to add few new ones or rename / remove existing ones or merge couple of them. It can also be handy at the time when you want to delete your misspelled or redundant labels from your bloggers blog.

Blogger is a free blogging platform which allows you to start a blog easily and free. Bloggers doesn't have categories same as Wordpress. Instead, it uses Labels. Labels are convenient way to organize contents in blogger's blog so that visitors can find your contents easily. Google offers two ways to make changes in labels - (1). You can change Labels by editing every post in your blog one at time (2). You can edit Label from the post area where it displays all the posts. We are going to use the second method to edit Labels by selecting multiple blog posts as the first method is not suitable for bulk operation.

So, let's get started to improve the overall structure of your site.

Go to and open your blog and then Click on Post -> All Posts.

Now, look at the right top corner of the screen for Label which can filter posts based on selected Label as shown in the screenshot below. Click on "All Labels" and select the Label you want to manage. It will list all the posts under that Label.

Select the posts you want to manage or click the checkbox at the top of the all posts to select all if you want to manage all, then click the Label action drop down menu above the post list - Upon pressing it, a drop down window will appear - now you will have two options  - Add new Labels, and Add or remove labels. The Add or Remove labels option does two things - (1). It adds the selected label to all the selected posts if posts are not already associated with it (2). Remove the selected Label if it is already associated with the selected posts.

Now as shown in the screenshot below, click on the Label which you want to add or remove. If that label is already attached to the selected posts, it will remove it or if it is not attached to the selected posts, it will be add to them.


Now, you will get the confirmation windows at the top of the screen mentioning the type of operation which just took place on selected posts.

NOTE: One thing I have noticed while editing labels for my blog that if you are updating more than one Labels in a go and select another Label to edit, it seems to keep the previous Labels also selected and performs some unwanted operation. I would suggest to refresh the whole page after every edit of Label. Another restriction is that you can only edit 50 posts / label at a time.