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Top 10 Yahoo Mail Shortcut Keys To Increase Your Productivity

Shortcut keys are always useful for productivity. It saves lots of time and allows you to do more in less time. Same applies with yahoo mail shortcut keys as well. Below is the list of top 10 yahoo mail shortcut keys which you can use to increase your productivity.

Top 10 Keys for Yahoo Mail

  1. Press "m" to check email.
  2. Press "Shift + m" to check all the mails.
  3. Press "n" to Compose new message.
  4. Press "r" to Reply a mail.
  5. Press "Shift + r" to Reply all.
  6. Hit "delete" key to delete the selected message.
  7. Press "v" to Turn Reading Pane ON and OFF
  8. Press "F11" to Expand window to maximum height.
  9. Press "d" to Move message to a folder.
  10. Press "Ctrl+Shift+c or c" to Start a new chat.
Use of shortcut keys are not always easy for those who are used to use mouse all the time. With little effort, you may adopt to using shortcuts and start to realize the benefits in terms of increased output.