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Add a Photo in Teaser and Body in Drupal 6

This tutorial will teach you how to add a photo in teaser and body of a post in drupal without any programming with the help of ImageCache and ImageField module.

Steps are simple:
Step 1: Upload these two modules in the drupal module directory: a]. ImageCache and b]. ImageField
Step 2: Install the two new modules by going to Module page of the website.
Step 3: Configure the two modules: Go to administration by module, find ImageCache and setup Presets as follows:
[A]. ImageCache Presets:
[i]. Name space for main content: (This is the picture people will see in each node)
Present namespace: Type main and click on Create Preset.
Choose Action: Scale it and update Preset Setting for Scale: Width – 300 px (This makes sure the picture is set for 300px in landscape and portrait)
[ii]. Another namespace for teaser Preset namespace: thumbnail Action: Scale Settings: Width – 100, Height – 100 Scale to fit: Outside dimensions Another Action: Crop it Seetings: Wdith: 100, Height: 100, Xoffset: C…