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How To Compress and Resize Photos

Are you not able to send photos in email because it is too large? With the availability of large resolution digital cameras these days, photo sizes are large by default. Although, photos with large file size are good to preserve its quality but you need to reduce its size for the purpose of emailing it to someone.

There are several ways to resize and compress photos. Follow the methods below:

Method 1: Using Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Microsoft Office Picture Manager is a program already installed if you have MS Office installed in the computer. This software is very useful when it come to re-size, compress or crop any image in the computer with ease and without any expertise. Follow the steps below:
1. Right click on the photos you want to resize, compress or Crop as shown in the image below -
Open with Microsoft Office Picture Manager

2. This will open the photo in MS Picture Manager. Click on the “Edit Picture” icon on the top on the shortcut area as shown in the image below. After you click on the “Edit Picture”, look to the right pane. You should be able to see very many options such as Brightness and Contracts, Color, Crop, Rotate and Flip, Red Eye Removal and “Resize” and “Compress Pictures” towards the end of this list.
Edit Options in Microsoft Office Picture Manager
3. Based on what you want to do, click on either resize or Compress Pictures. For this tutorial, I will be clicking on “Compress Pictures”. After you have clicked “Compress Pictures”, you will options for Compression. For best result, select “Documents” radio button. Default option is “Don’t Compress”. After you have  selected, Documents for Compression, estimated total size is show in the bottom right pane which shows the Original Size and Compressed Size. Click on “OK” if you want to proceed further and compress the photo.
Compression Option in Microsoft Office Picture Manager
4. Now, as the photo is compressed, you need to save the image to make it permanent. I would advice to do “Save As”. This way, it will create another file with compressed image and original image will be untouched.