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How to Create a Strong Password

With increasing cyber crimes, Internet fraud and Identity theft, use of strong password is essentially important. You here this advice very often but do you know what does it mean to have a strong password and how can you design one.
The acceptable strong password usually consist of combination of capital and small alphabets, numbers, symbol and minimum of 8 characters or more. Keep in mind that simply keeping the length of password eight (8) is not enough without use of other complexity in it. Simple passwords can be cracked easily by using special software.

Tips on Usage of Password

1. Never use your personal data for User Name/Login ID, or Password: Unfortunately lot of people still use their personal data for User Name / Password. You got to think about it.

2. Avoid using same Login ID / User Name and Password across multiple web sites: You must have either User Name or Password different. Reason being, if your Login Detail with Password is exposed to a hacker, it can be exploited to the maximum and may cause you financial setback if the login details happen to be of your credit card.

3. Use Longer Password: Minimum of 8 digit combined with Upper/Lower letters, special characters and digit should be OK.

4. Avoid using dictionary words for Password.

5. Last but not least, you must change your password periodically.


Interesting Facts About Password

1. Six-letter upper-case password takes 10 hrs to crack
2. Six-letter lower-case password takes 10 minutes to crack
3. If you add some numbers to your password, it may take 18 days to crack
4. If you add nine letter password which includes numbers, symbols, upper-case and lower case letters, it may take 44,530 years to crack