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How To Download YouTube Video

There are many programs or add-on available now a days to download YouTube videos in many formats (i.e. such as Mp3, avi, mp4, pmg, wmv etc.) into your computer so that you can play them whenever you want.
I have come across a real good tool which does conversion of YouTube video into Mp3, Avi, Mp4, Mpg, Mpeg, Wma and Wmv formats easily. It allows to download YouTube Video and convert them into many formats. It also gives good user control over output file types, size and quality. User can adjust file type, audio / video quality, volume, bitrate, track name and artist names as well.

Majority of currently available YouTube conversion programs require to be downloaded and installed onto your computer in order to run. While many of these programs are legitimate, but a huge number of them are infected with malware and spyware. These programs severely compromises your computer data as it transmits private data to criminal organization.
Xenra’s YouTube Converter is a hosted service and you don’t need to download the program and install in your computer in order to perform YouTube to Mp3 conversion. In fact, you can download add-on for Mozilla Firefox or Chrome. Once the plug-in is installed, YouTube video display an icon giving option to “download and Convert” file being accessed.