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How To Find and Setup Screen Savers

Screensaver is a small program which displays moving pictures or certain kind of pattern on the computer screen when your computer is idle. It was originated to conserve the image quality of the CRT (i.e. old) monitors. Overtime, technical issue was solved. But it is still in use because of its security and entertainment cause.

Security cause: You can password protect your screensaver so that no body can get into your computer while you are away. You can set the Wait time in minute and check the box – On Resume, Password Protect to lock the screen.

Entertainment cause: There are many screensaver available now a day which is more like entertaining. You can even set your screensaver to display your favorite video with the help of Video Screensaver Program.

There are two primary sections of the Screensaver tab
  1. Screen Saver: You can choose your favorite screen saver from the drop down list and also can enable password protection & set up the Wait time in minutes.
  2. Monitor Power: This section deals with monitor power settings.

How to set up screensaver

There are many screen savers available from Microsoft site which you can download and follow the steps below in sequence in order to set it in your computer:

1. Right Click on an open area of the Desktop and select Properties
2. Click on the Screensaver Tab
3. Select the screensaver from the drop down list under Screen Saver.
4. Change the Wait time (Optional)
5. You can also check the box to enable password protection (Optional)
6. Click Apply and then OK to exit.