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How To Fix HP CM2320 MFP Misprint Cleaning Error

If you are facing misprint or cleaning error with your HP Laser printer CM2320 fxi MFP, you are not the only one. The good news is that it can be fixed by modifying some configuration settings.


1. After printing couple of pages (3 or 4 pages), the printer goes into cleaning mode and prints duplicate page and it happens for very many pages

2. Usually printing couple of pages, the printer goes into cleaning mode and then comes with "Misprint" error and you have to print OK to continue printing rest of the pages

3. The Printer displays "Cleaning" and then "Misprint" and you have to press OK to continue printing

This is what I did to fix the Misprint/cleaning issue in my HP LaserJet CM2320 fxi MFP. Try this with caution, this worked for me doesn't mean that same will work for you. To get started -

Caution: Do not change or modify any settings in the printer drivers Leave all the printer drivers settings with their defaults values.


Steps to Fix the Misprint / Cleaning Error

 Follow the below configurations to solve the issue:

1. Type the IP address of the printer in Internet Explorer or any other browser

2. Click the "System" Tab

3. Then Click on the "Paper Handling" link in the left pane and change the following settings-
[a]. Default Paper Size: Letter
[b]. Default Paper Size: Plain
[c]. Manual Feed: OFF
[d]. Duplex: OFF
[e]. Tray 1 Size: Letter
[f]. Tray 1 Type: Plain
[g]. Tray 2 Size: Letter
[h]. Tray 2 Type: Plain

4. Paper Out Handling - Select Specify Time and Action and Apply following settings-
[a]. Paper Out Time: 0 seconds
[b]. Paper Out Action: Override
[c]. Press "Apply"

5. Click on "Print Quality" and set the following settings-
[a]. Power-On calibration: OFF
[b]. calibration Timing: OFF
[c]. Press "Apply"

6. Click on "System Setup" and make sure following are set -
[a]. jam Recovery: Auto
[b]. Auto Continue: ON
[c]. Press "Apply"

I hope the above guidelines may have helped you. If you can suggest some other ways to solve this printer error, please feel free to share it in the comment below.