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Windows 7 Editions

Windows 7 will have two primary editions: Windows 7 Home Premium, and Windows 7 Professional apart from others four. All the 6 editions will as follows:
1. Windows 7 Home Premium: Windows 7 Home Premium is recommended for home users, which will give a visually rich environment.

2. Windows 7 Professional: Windows 7 Professional is the recommended for SMBs and SOHO (Small Office Home Office) users.

3. Windows 7 Enterprise: Windows 7 Enterprise edition is suitable for the enterprise customers, not available at retail or by OEMs for pre-installation on a new PC.

4. Windows 7 Home Basic: This will be for entry-point Windows users.

5. Windows 7 Starter: The Windows Starter edition will be available worldwide but only as pre-installed OS by an OEM.

6. Windows 7 Ultimate: This edition will have all the features of Windows 7.