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Linux User Administration - Basics

In this post, I will be discussing about Linux User Account and its administrations covering creating user accounts, adding the user to user's groups and granting permissions.
If you have just setup your Linux system, you may still be using root account to log in. The root account has superuser access which other users don't have and therefore, it gives you complete control over the system. This is not a good practice to use root account for everyday use as a small  mistake can render the system completely unusable or a compromised root account can grant superuser access to a hacker. Hence, it is not advisable to continue using the system using root account for everyday job regardless of whether or not you are the only user in the system.
Linux is a robust multi-user system but users are not automatically added. However, some accounts are created during Linux installation apart from root account and are meant to be used by system only. It is also highly advised not to touch t…