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How to Create Custom Paintbrushes in MS Paint

I am sure you must be familiar with MS Paint if you are a MS Windows user. MS Paint has a built-in “Transparent Selection” tool which can be used to create custom Brushes of any preferred style or effect.
To get started, Open the MS Paint by clicking on Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> Paint. Alternatively, you can also type Paint in search box after you click on Start and subsequently clicking on Paint which shows up in the list (Window 7 only).
Now, Pick the Pencil tool, select the color and draw a small brush style of your choice.
Then, click on the “Select” as shown below and click “Transparent Selection” from the list and then click on “Select
In this final step, Select the shape you created using “Rectangle Selection Tool” and hold the Shift Key down and drag the selection shape to draw on the canvas.
That is all to it. Now, you can create as many shapes you want and draw on the canvas using your custom paint brushes.