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What Are Differences Between Windows XP and Vista

Windows Vista is now around and people have started buying computers with pre-loaded Windows Vista. At the same time, there are many users who are still using Windows XP and don’t know how Windows Vista differs from Windows XP.

Derek Torres is a technical communicator and author who has written great comparison – Windows Vista vs. Windows XP. This comparison has lots of comparative information and that can help you decide whether you should go for Windows Vista or not.

If you are a Windows lover and willing to pay for Windows Vista, there are many compelling reasons why you should go for Windows Vista. There are three major areas in which Windows Vista has got improvement over Windows XP.

1. New Features: Many great new features have been added to Windows Vista that includes Windows Aero, Windows Sidebar, Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 and Windows Search.

2. Improved Security: Security is the prime concern these days. So, some improved security features have been added with Windows Vista that includes Parental controls, Windows Vista User Account Control (UAC), two different firewalls: Standard firewall that was available in Windows XP and another Windows firewall with advanced features.

3. Better overall user experience: Overall user experience has been made enjoyable by improving Start menu, folders and Icons.