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How To Find HP Product Model Number

HP usually provide product model number in the front of their product. But that is the model number of the series of products. In order to get right support for your product, you would need exact model number so that you can request suport for your product such as laptop, desktop, servers, printers etc. Let's discuss below how can the model number be located:


Option 1: Using product identification label

1. You need to locate the identification label in your HP product. It could be in front, back, top, bottom or sometimes inside the cover (in case of HP multi-fuction printers.
2. Once you find out the identification label, look for model number. That number is the exact product nu,ber of your HP device which can be used to requset support for your product.

Option 2: Using System Information or HP Support Assistant

This option isn't application to all HP products but worth trying it.
1. Hold down Ctrl and Alt keys and press S on the keyboard
2. This should bring the HP Information Windows which should have model and product number displayed.
3. If this window doesn't appear, continue with HP Support Assistant. Click Start in Windows 7 and type HP Support Assistant and select open it from the search result.
4. Once it is opened, you can find the product number on the bottom edge of the displayed window.

Option 3: Find Serial Number in HP All-In-One Product Family

This option is specifically for HP All-in-one printers. Sometimes, it is confusing to locate serial number of a HP printer as you can find my numbers printed on the back of printer. Some of them are MAC number or something else. There are basically two ways to locate the serial number:


1. Printing self-test report to know the serial number

  • Press "Menu" or "Setup" on the front panel
  • Press the Right Arrow until "Print Report" displays and then press "Enter".
  • Press the Right Arrow until "Self-Test Report" displays and then press "Enter".

Note: If the product doesn't have front panel display Windows, follows as below
  • Press and hold "Cancel"
  • Press "Color Start"
  • Release both buttons.
Look on the printed report for serial number.

2. Locate the serial number on the UPC sticker

The UPC sticker is located either on the back or the bottom of the all-in-one product. Most probably the Serial number would start with alphabet MY...

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