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Print Spooler

The Print Spooler is an inbuilt service in all Windows Operating Systems (i.e. Win 8, Win 7, Win XP etc.). Its job is to manage print jobs in the print queue, forwards the print request to printer one by one and process their deletion after the printing is complete. It also helps you cancel the print job you want to do so for any reason.
In simple term - If you print anything in any Windows machine, you are sending the document to Print Spooler service which puts them into print queue. Once the document is printed, that document will be deleted by Print Spooler service.

The Printer Spooler service starts with as computer boots up and runs in the background as long as the the operating system in the computer is running.
Unfortunately - as it is one of the most important services running in your computer's operating system, viruses tend to target it and corrupt the spooler service or sometimes the Print Spooler stops due to some other errors in the system. In that case, you are required to Start the service in order to resume printing. You need to have Print Spooler service running in order to print. If the Print Spooler is stopped for any unknown reason, you will not see any printer listed under Devices and Printers. Let’s see how you can start / stop the Spooler service in your Windows machine -

Start /Stop Print Spooler Service:

1. Right click on Computer in Windows 7 or My Computer in previous Windows Operating System such as Windows Visat, XP etc. and click on Manage

2. It will open the Computer Management Console window. Now scroll down to Services and Applications in Windows 7 and click on Services

3. Now scroll down the list of services displayed in the right pane and look for Print Spooler and double click on it.
4. In the General tab, go to Service Status –> click Start or Stop to start or stop the spooler service respectively.
5. In the same General tab, go to Startup Type where you can set the value to – Automatic, Manual or Disabled.
6. Finally click Apply and then OK. Sometime system reboot is required to take these parameters into effect.
Start /Stop Print Spooler Through Command-Prompt:

1. Open the command-prompt by clicking Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt

2. Type net start spooler to start the print spooler and hit enter

3. Type net stop spooler to stop the print spooler and hit enter

    • When you stop print spooler, it might stop other dependent services.
    • The Print Spooler runs under the Local Computer System Account by default
    • The Print Spooler service can be started and stopped through command- prompt command.