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How to use SnagIt screen capture plugin for Windows Live Writer

Are you using Windows Live Writer to blog and looking a way to integrate Snagit screen capture in it? Then this good news is for you. Now, you can easily integrate Snagit screen capture with Windows Live Writer.

Screen Capturing is one of the essential and important part of blogging. It can be quite frustrating if you have to capture the screen and edit the captured image in some other application and then attach it to your post. Although, this is the reality for most of the bloggers. But now, Snagit screen capture can be added directly to Windows Live Writer.

"Snagit Screen Capture" is a small utility which is used to capture screenshot with some added features. This comes as plugin to Windows Live writer and freely available utility on web. Once this plugin is installed with Windows Live Writer, you can easily and quickly take screenshot and manipulate the captured image.

To get started, download the "Snagit Screen Capture" plugin for Windows Live Writer and install it. It will show up under Plugin list in Windows Live Writer. It allows you to change some of the Snagit options. Once you take the screen shot, it will automatically embed the image to the post after "Finish" button is clicked. You can also save the image locally in your computer for future use if you wish to.

Requirements: Microsoft .NET Runtime 2.0 or later, SnagIt 7.0 or later and it comes with all C# for the Live Writer Api so it can be customized as needed.