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How To Repair Outlook Data Files

There is a Inbox Repair Tool called "Scanpst.exe" which can be used to Scan and Repair corrupted Outlook .pst or .ost files. The "Scanpst.exe" diagnoses and repairs errors in the .pst files. This tool checks the integrity of the file and repairs it by reset of the file structure and rebuilds the headers.
Scanpst.exe is installed when the outlook is installed in the computer at this location -C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12
Note: It only runs on .pst and .ost files. It doesn't run on the mailbox on the server running Microsoft Exchange.
Steps to run the Scanpst.exe
1. Exit Outlook

2. Locate the Scanpst.exe at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12 and double Click on it.
3. Browse and locate the .pst file you want to scan and repair.
4. You can choose scan log option from "Options" and then, Click Start.
5. In the case of error, you will be prompted to start the repair process to fix the errors. A backup file is also created during the repa…

How to Plan Web Design for Your Website

Web design is design of web pages, websites and web applications using HTML, CSS and various web technologies. It is important to carefully define the purpose of website as one of the first planning steps. After defining the purpose, you have to understand your audience. Then you should start collecting contents according to the targeted audience. Then arrange them in the form of web pages. Collection of those arranged web pages form a website. People use internet for information. so your site should be clean, simple and well-structured. Your site should have lot of informative contents with simple layout and easy navigation.The most important things is that your site should load fast and doesn't look like that it has been designed by a novice.
Follow the Tips below to start with: Page Layout:There are two kinds of page layout common. One is fixed and other one is liquid layout. This decision of which style of layout to use is often made on a case by case basis, depending on the ne…

How To Customize Mouse Settings

Like desktop customization, you can also customize the speed of the mouse pointer, switch the roles of buttons from left to right or even change the standard mouse pointer to different symbols. That’s lot of fun.
Option 1. Adjust Pointer Speed
This is applicable with Windows XP:
1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel (in Category View).

2. Click Appearance and Themes.

3. Under See Also, click Mouse Pointers.

4. On the Pointer Options tab, under Motion, drag the slider left to make the pointer move slower, or right to make the pointer move faster. If you choose a fast speed, make sure that the Enhance pointer precision check box is selected (this provides better control of the pointer when moving it at short distances), and then click OK. Option 2: Change Button From Right To Left If you are left-handed and like to change mouse setting so that you can work comfortably with left-hand, you can do that and here is how (applicable with Windows XP):
1. Click Start, and then click Control…

Fix Print Spooler

Every time you try to print something to your printer, you get “Print Spooleris not running” error message. When you try to add a new printer, you get the same error and also you don’t see any of your installed printers inDevices and Printersfolder. Are you wondering what has caused this printing error and how can it be fixed?

Some of the related error messages could be as follows: "Windows can’t open Add Printer. The local print spooler service is not running. Please restart the spoiler or restart the machine"
"Windows could not start the Print Spooler service on local Computer. Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion"
The Possible Reasons: Printer driver could have been corruptedContent in print spooler could have been corruptedIt could be incompatible print driver conflictSpooler file could have been corrupted / damaged Some of the system files could have been corrupted / damaged / altered - (most probably dependen…

Turns Windows Computer into a Wifi HotSpot

Turns Windows 7 / 2008 R2 Computer into a Wifi HotSpot using Virtual Router

Have you ever felt a need of sharing your computer's Internet with your another wireless device such as android phone, iPod, iPhone, wireless printer etc? Yes, it's possible. It can be done by converting your computer into a WiFi HotSpot. It utilizes the inbuilt Wireless Hosted Network (Virtual Wifi) technology in Widows 7.

You need a software to achieve this and the required software is calledVirtual Router. Just download and install Virtual Router in your Windows 7 machine, create a new wireless network followed by setting up Password. This converts you computer into WiFi HotSpot instantly eliminating the need of buying or setting up extra hardware for this.
Virtual Router is a free and open-source software based router for Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2. With Virtual Router, you can share Internet connections wirelessly with any Wi-fi device. Wireless devices connects to Virtual router just like any othe…

Computer Basics for Beginners

A computer is a machine which acts on the pre-recorded set of instructions. Those pre-recorded set of instructions are called programs. Computers take numerous physical forms. The term “Computer” used throughout the tutorials actually refers to personal computer.

Objects such as disk drives, monitor, keyboard, printers are called hardware. Computer instructions, data or anything which can be stores electronically are software.

Fundamental components of a Computer1.Input Device: This is a device used for sending instructions to the computer. Keyboard and mouse are the typical example of input device.

2.Output Devices: This device display what computer has accomplished. Monitor and printer are typical example of output device.

3.Memory: Memory stores data and programs temporarily while computer is performing computational task. RAM and ROM are the typical example of memory. It is also called main memory.

4.Storage device: This is a permanent storage device. Hard disk is a typical example of…

How To Be Safe on the Internet (Tips)

These are some guides which you should always remember when you do lot of surfing on internet. The first thing to learn here is to protect your computer from virus, spyware and adwares.
Tips to be safe on the Internet 1. Set auto-protect in Anti-Virus software and scan your computer regularly.
2. Scan your entire hard drive if you happen to download many pages, software, programs, zipped files, exe files, etc.
3. Use your online scanner to scan your computer once a week.
4. Set your adware/spyware checker to scan your computer once in a week.
5. Do not open any attachments in emails from people you do not know.
6. Check the file extension of the attached file. If it is .exe, never ever open it.
7. Do not download free music on the Internet – these free sites are always infected.
8. Do not download any free games from the Internet.
9. Adult sites are particularly prone to viruses.
10. Back up all your data on a daily basis. Use floppy disks, flash drives, memory sticks, zip disks, CD-ROMs, etc.

Display Referencing Nodes List on Referenced Node Using EVA (Drupal 7)

This is in continuation of the previous tutorials about how to show a add link using prepopulate link. In this, we are going to create a view using EVA to show all the referencing nodes on referenced node (i.e. Show courses offered by colleges).

- create your Views to display the Courses attached to a referencable node (i.e. College) being viewed. This will show all the courses offered by College when the college node is viewed. Here again, EVA (i.e. Entity Views Attachments) comes into play.
- While atadmin/structure/views, click the "Add new view" link, name it something like "Attached Courses" and select Show Content of type Task. Uncheck create a page, and leave create a block unchecked. - Use the "+Add" button near the top, to add an "EVA Field" display to your newly created View.
- Under the "ENTITY CONTENT SETTINGS" pane, select "Node" for the "Entity type", select the "College" for Bundles (i.e. the …