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Analytic Tools For Blog Tracking

Analytical Tools gives you detailed and meaningful insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Typically, It will help you understand type of visitors, popular posts and niche etc. Normally, tracking tools requires you to install a small script in your website. So every time there is a page load, it records the details of the page load. Some of the best analytical tools which I like are as follows:

1. Google Analytics: This is powerful, flexible, easy to use and most widely used tool. It also supports keyword campaign and AdWords integration.

2. Statcounter: This provides real time analytical data which includes data like reports on entry pages, popular posts, search engine and may more.

3. Sitemeter: This is simple and probably very similar to StatCounter. The stats can be shown publicaly or private.

4. Woopra: Woopra is comprehensive, information rich, easy to use, real-time Web tracking and analysis application. Their service requires approval from Woopra.

5. GoStats: This is a hit counter and web analytic tool very similar to other ones. It has a unique feature of prediction figure which certainly encourages you to blog more.

6. MyBlogLog: This site offers many services. It's mainly a community site for bloggers. But, it can also capture site statistics.