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Fix Bad DirectSound driver (Error code - 88780078 in Windows XP)

This is the fix about Error Message:- "Bad DirectSound Driver. Please install proper drivers or select another device in configuration.
Error code: 88780078"
Solution: There are several ways to fix 88780078 error in Windows XP. You should try each of them and check which one works for you.

1. Check if 'Default device' reflects correct Sound card
- Click Start Button -> Click on Control Panel -> Select Sounds & Audio Devices icon -> then choose Audio Tab -> make sure 'Deafault device' drop down box reflects your sound card correctly.


2. Check if Sound card features is turned OFF (Follow the steps below to activate):
- Click 'Start' Button -> 'Control Panel' ->'Sound and Audio Devices' -> Under 'Hardware' Tab, click on 'Properties' -> In Properties tab, choose 'Audio Devices' and highlight sound card and click 'Properties' -> Select "Use Audio Features on this device" if audio features are disabled and then restart the computer.


3. Start and Stop the Audio service:
- Click Start button -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Click "Services" shortcuts -> Locate "Windows Audio" and right click on it and restart the Windows Audio service -> Audio should work now.

If somebody knows better fix, please comment and help others to solve this audio problem.