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How To Protect Your Computer From Overheating

Have you ever wondered how your desktop computer or laptop breaks down so often? One of the reason behind that could be heat. The greatest enemy to our computer is heat. Heat causes the internal components to wear out. It also lowers the performance of the system. Hence, it is always advised to keep the computer at good ventilated and cool place.

In the case of laptop / desktop / monitors etc., there are ventilation slots that allows the excess heat to escape. Do not put paper, books, boxes, etc. on top of the ventilation slots and most importantly keep them clean and clear of debris.

Major causes of overheating

 The major cause of the overheating in desktop computers, laptops or any electronic devices are its components, poor ventilation, dust inside or outside, sun light etc.

Cooling Recommendation

 1. Clean the dust from the inside surface of the system at least after every 6 months and monitor once in two years
2. Keep the devices in the air conditioned space as much as possible and maintain adequate ventilation

3. Keep your computer away from any type of heating sources
4. Direct sun light is not good for any electronics. Hence, place it at a shaded spot or cover it with something to protect it from direct exposure of sun light
5. Clean the device fan using compressed air for electronics to blow the area inside and around the system
6. Shut down whatever programs are not required and you may also consider disabling unnecessary programs on start up using MSConfig command