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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) - A Brief Note

Welcome to the World of CSS. The CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. This is a technology recommended by World Wide Consortium (W3C) in 1996. Basically, CSS is a way of formatting web pages layout, text, margins, lines, heights, widths, images a nd many more. You can position anything exactly where you want on the web page. Single external CSS file can control the layout of all the pages of your website.

That means that your life is easier with the use of CSS. HTML is used to structure the content where CSS is used to format the already structured html content. CSS allows you to separate presentation from content when building a website. You can put your CSS Style rules in entirely separate file and HTML web page in another file. You only have to include a link specifying the location of the independent CSS file.

Important Advice:only used lowercase letters for coding html, css and other code. This is very important and will be big time saver as you advance your knowledge in HTML, …