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Hide Windows Drive

You have seen 3 articles in a row about securing, hiding and locking files and folders in Windows. Now, this article is about how to hide drive in Windows. This will completely remove an entire drive from your computer. This activity of hiding the whole drive instead of a file and folder in Windows involves manipulating Windows registry. Be cautious - if you are new to Windows registry, try to gain some knowledge before you actually try this.
1. Preparation: - Take back up of your computer registry as this involves adding a key to registry.

2. After backing up the registry, open the registry to add key by clicking on to Start → Run, and typing in regedit. This will open the registry editor.
3. Now, navigate to the following registry hive as shown in the picture- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\
4. Right-click on Explorer and choose New and then DWORD Value.

5. Name the new value NoDrives and then double click on it to open the properties dialog box. Click on Decimal for the Base unit.
6. Type in one of the following values depending on that drive letter you want to hide.

Example:- if you want to hide drive D, just type in the value 8. You can also hide multiple drives by adding the numbers if the particular drives together such as – for hiding D and E, you would type 24 (i.e D + E => 8 + 16 = 24).