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Open .XPS Files

XPS is a new file saving format from Microsoft bundled in Office 2007 which is supposed to be PDF format alternative. XPS stands for XML Paper Specification and specifies a set of document layout functionality for paged, printable documents.

Now the question is “How do you open XPS files on your computer ?”

1. Windows Vista: If you are using Windows Vista platform then there is no need to download any plugin or software to open XPS files. Just double click on the saved XPS file to view the file content. This is because all the necessary component (i.e .NET framework and XPS file viewer) required to open XPS file is pre-installed in Windows Vista.

2. Windows XP: If you are using WIndows XP, then you need to download free XPS reader from Here. Also make sure that you already have .NET framework installed in your computer otherwise you will be asked to download and install that.

3. Open XPS File in Internet Explorer: You can also open the XPS file with Internet Explorer 7 and above. From inside the Internet Explorer, click on File –> Open and then select the .XPS file you want to open.

4. Open XPS File in Firefox browser: If you are a Firefox fan and want to open the XPS files with Firefox, you need to download the IE tab extension add-on. You can download the IE tab extension from here.

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