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Schedule Defragmentation in Windows

I bought my laptop 6 months back and now it seems to be slow as compare to when I got it 6 months back. This is very common problem with every computer. When you work on your computer, it opens, reads, saves and closes files. But when you save files on the hard drive, the files on the hard drive get divided into small pieces and that is called fragmentation. The more files are fragmented; it takes more time to open.

Disk Defragmenter is a free utility provided by Microsoft to counter the fragmentation problem. Defragmentation is the process of combining all the small scattered pieces of files together.
In order to keep your files defragged and let the system run smoothly, you can consider automating the defragmenter tool to run after every week or 15 days or months.

To start Disk Defragmenter manually:
  • Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Defragmenter
  • Select the disk drive you want to defrag
  • Click on Analyze (note: it analyses if you should run defragmenter)
  • Then Click on the Defragment Tab
Note: You can have a cop of coffee by the time your computer is performing defragmentation the selected hard disk.

To Automate the Disk Defragmentation:

This involves the use of Scheduled Tasks utility. You can add the Disk Defragmenter to the Scheduled Task Job and can also select time when to perform it. Get more details - how to Schedule a weekly defragmentation.