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How to Install Egypt Nile Desktop Theme in Windows

This is also free desktop theme from Microsoft for Windows XP users. The Screenshot can be seen above. The Egypt Nile Desktop Theme provides new wallpaper, animated cursors, and new icons for Windows XP.

If you like the theme, you can install it for free. I will guide you where to download it from and how to install it in your computer.

1. Click here to download;

2. Click on Download to start downloading the theme;

3. Download window will appear, Click on Run;

4. After download is complete, click on Run then installation Starts;

5. Select I accept the terms in the License Agreement; 6

. Click Next and follow the installation screen instructions;

7. Click Finish;

8. Then it will take you to the Display Properties, Click OK to change the desktop theme. Be patient, it will take a while to switch the theme from existing one to Nile;

9. Congratulations, you have successfully installed Nile Desktop Theme in your computer.