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Fix Generic Host For Win32 and Svchost.exe Error in Windows XP

Error Message: "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services. Generic Host Process for Win32 services encountered a problem and needed to close."

I got this error messages when I started my Windows XP system and tried to perform Windows Updates.


Follow the steps below to resolve this error:

1. Click Start -> Run and then type net stop wuauserv.

2. On the desktop, double-click My Computer, and then delete the c:\WuTemp folder.

3. Click Start ->Run and then type net stop cryptsvc.

4. Delete the c:\Windows\System32\Catroot2 folder.

5. Open the c:\Windows folder, and then rename the SoftwareDistribution folder as SoftwareDistributionOLD.

6. Open the c:\Windows\system32 folder, and then follow these steps:
[a]. Rename the Wuweb.dll file as Wuweb.dll.old.
[b]. Rename the Wuapi.dll file as Wuapi.dll.old.
[c]. Rename the Wuauclt.exe file as Wuauclt.exe.old.
[d]. Rename the Wuaucpl.cpl file as Wuaucpl.cpl.old.
[e]. Rename the Wuaueng1.dll file as Wuaueng1.dll.old.
[f]. Rename the Wuaueng.dll file as Wuaueng.dll.old.
[g]. Rename the Wuauserv.dll file as Wuauserv.dll.old.
[h]. Rename the Wucltui.dll file as Wucltui.dll.old.
[i]. Rename the Wups2.dll file as Wups2.dll.old.
[j]. Rename the Wups.dll file as Wups.dll.old.

7. Restart the computer. If you don't find the resolution of this problem after the system re-boot, search the Microsoft site for possible resolution and fixes.

Update: There is a chance that your problem has already been fixed in Windows XP SP3. Just update your Windows XP system to SP3. List of fixes that are included in Windows XP Service Pack 3