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Remove Multiple Frames From Word File

When you scan a document with OmniPage Pro or any other related softwares or convert your PDF document into word document, the word document contains multiple frames. Frames make the document next to impossible to edit the new document because all text is placed inside frames. We need to remove those frames if we want to edit the document. There are two approaches to tackle the problem. One is to remove all the frames from the document at once or remove individual frame one by one. Removing individual frame is easy. You have to right click on the edge of the frame and select Remove Frame option. That will only remove single frame. This will be too much of wastage of time. So another approach is to remove all the frames at once. Please follow the steps below:

Approach 1:

>> Open the file which has frames in MS Word >> Save the file as a Plain text file. (As seen in the screenshot)

>> Open the new text file you have just saved in Notepad or WordPad or some other text editor.

>> Now Select all the text by pressing Ctrl+A, Copy and paste that into a New MS Word file. Then Save it with any name you want. Frames are gone.

Approach 2:

Another approach is to copy everything in the Word document (i.e. File containing Frames), paste all the text into WordPad, copy all the text in the WordPad document, and paste it back into the Word document. This is done because WordPad doesn't support frames and it will get rid of frames. This round trip approach will remove all the frames.

Approach 3:

Select the entire document (i.e File with Frames) by pressing Ctrl+A, and then press Ctrl+Q. This will set every paragraph back to its default condition.

All the approaches taken above will reset the page setup and alignments so you have to take care of the Page setup in new world document.