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Make Money on Internet

Your success on internet business totally depends upon your interest, dedication and passion towards your work. You must have highly targeted focus. There is a tremendous competition on internet business, so you will only become successful by becoming an expert at something and working on that with passion. There is no easy money making scheme available on internet so I would expect you to be innovative, a big thinker and willing to give everything to your work.

The basic way to make money on internet is to sell/promote your own or somebody else’s product, services or information. The very first step to online business is to decide on product or set of products you want to sell or promote. You can choose one product or set of product from the same family and focus on that. Initially, it is advised to sell or promote someone else’s product. You can develop your own later as you will start to develop your skills. The next step is to design and develop your website and host it on a se…

Distribution List in Microsoft Outlook

In OUTLOOK 2007:

A distribution List in Outlook 2007 is nothing but a collection of contacts and stored by default in "Contacts" folder in your computer. Basically, it provides an easy way to send e-mail to group of people in your organization or friends list. A message sent to a distribution list goes to all the recipient listed in the distribution list. A distribution list can be included in a message, task, meeting request and even in other distribution list.
We are going to create a distribution list by adding names from Address Book
1. From the "File" Menu -> New, click on "Distribution List" 2. Type the name of the distribution list in "Name" box. 3. Click on "Select Members" under "Distribution List" tab 4. Select the address book which contains the e-mails you want to add to the distribution  list in the "Address Book" drop-down 5. Now - Either "Search" the e-mail addresses or  scroll throug…

Check Disk Errors using ChkDsk

A Hard Disk is digitally encoded, high speed storage hardware. Sometime it develops errors that can cause file corruption and windows errors. Mostly Windows corrects minor errors by itself, but overtime it can develop more serious problems and can make the hard disk unusable. Precaution is better than cure. If we take action in time then we can avoid serious data loss or problem. Microsoft has included a wonderful utility called chkdsk which can rectify this kind of problem. It can check the hard disk for errors and fix them. Chkdsk is advanced version of Scan Disk which was once used with earlier version of Windows OS.

It is highly advised to run chkdsk once in 3-4 months. It will protect your data from unpredicted problems.

What Does chkdsk Do

Chkdsk will check the files and folders of the selected drive for any errors, lost clusters, lost chains, or any bad sectors and improves the performance of your computer.

How to perform Disk Errors Check and fix them

To check for file sy…

Share Files and Folders in Windows

Windows XP – Home edition computers always have Simple File Sharing enabled and Windows XP Professional computers have Simple File Sharing enabled by default but it can be changed to Advanced File Sharing. Advanced File Sharing capability of Windows XP Professional turns the computer to act like File Server because you can control file permission. File permission means that who can access the share folder and who can’t. That decision will be absolutely on you. In the case of Windows XP Home, you don’t have such control. Anybody can access the shared folder. As I said, Advanced File Sharing is not enabled by default in Windows XP Professional so you should have to enable it before you could use your computer as File Server. Enable Advanced File Sharing Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Folder Options and uncheck Use Simple File Sharing under View tab.

Share folder with permission
1.Right–click the folder you want to share, and then click Sharing and Security.
2. Click to select the S…

How to Record Streaming Audio with Audacity

If you are a big fan of Internet radio or music and streaming audio of all kinds, most likely you will want to record your favorite radio program or music for future listening. But most streaming broadcasting companies don't want listeners to record their broadcasts. Applications used for streaming such as RealPlayer or Windows Media Player don't include record options. Here comes Audacity – an absolutely free open source Audio Editor and Recorder. It is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems. It will let you record and edit streaming music or other live Internet broadcasts to your PC.

What can you do with Audacity

1. You can Record live audio or streaming music playing on your PC.

2. You can convert tapes and records into digital recordings or CDs.

3. You can Edit MP3, WAV, and Ogg Vorbis sound files.

4. You can Cut, copy, splice, and mix sounds together.

5. You can Change the speed or pitch of a recording. If you want to know more a…

Display Code in Blogger Posts

Suppose you are writing a article which includes HTML code and that code you want to share with rest of the world. But displaying HTML Code on a webpage is not easy because the browser tends to interpret the HTML tags instead of displaying them. It will be simple to understand the reason behind it if we know how does the browser know something is an HTML tag? Browser looks for opening and closing brackets that starts and ends a tag. So those brackets (i.e. < & >) are the key. Now it is obvious that if we change those starting and ending brackets sign with something else, our problem will be solved.

1. Replace < (i.e. less than sign) with &#38lt;

2. Replace > (i.e. greater than sign) with &#38gt;3. Replace (i.e. quote mark) with &#38quot;

We want to display the code below on our webpage – <a href=>Example Post</a>

We would replace <> sign with &#38lt; and &#38gt; respectively. The re…

Setup Unmanaged VPS

In theprevious chapter, you have learnt about Virtual Private Server, dedicated server and Shared hosting. It's about time to start talking about selecting VPS hosting provider and setup your un-managed Virtual Private Server. Again, if you are going for managed VPS hosting service, most of the server software will be installed by the service provider.

Here, You will select and signup with VPS hosting provide of your choice, deploy Linux distribution, and perform some basic system administration tasks, host the website, perform backup and monitor and troubleshoot. The tasks will be as such listed below - Sign up with VPS hosting provider and setup account
1.1 Deploying a Linux Distribution (OS installation)
1.2 Connecting to VPS Server (Remote)
1.3 Setting Hostname
1.4 Setting up Time Zone
1.5 Installing software updatesSecuring your Server
2.1 Add a user
2.2 Disable Root Login
2.3 Creating a Firewall
2.4 Installing and configuring Fail2BanHosting a Website
3.1 Web Server (in…

How To Monetize Your Website

If you already have a high traffic website, then you have following options which can make money for you.
1. Advertisement:You can earn handsome money from advertising on your website. Very important note for a newcomer -you can get advertisement for your website even if you are just starting out and your site is relatively unknown.
There are different kind of advertisement which is explained below: Contextual Ads:The good example of this kind of ad isGoogle Adsense. You only need to paste few line of HTML code on your page which willdisplay ads matching to your pagecontents. You will get paid for clicks of that displayed ads.In-Text Ads:The advertiser’s link is associated with ordinary keywords in the page. A small amount is paid for every click of that keyword.Links and Banners:You have to display links or banners on your website. You get paid for introducing their products to visitors and get paid a commission by merchant based on Paid per click, Paid per lead or Paid per sale. The …

How to Remove or Hide Navigation Bar in blogger

What is NavBar Please see the picture above. That’s the Navigation Bar which blogger automatically inserts into all pages of your blogspot blogs. This is also called Blogger NavBar.

Why do you want to remove it

>> Most of the time, the NavBar doesn’t match with the template used. Thus it affects the look of your web page.

>> The NavBar has following buttons like Blogger, Search Blog and Next Blog etc. Most of these buttons drives your site visitors away from your page. This is something you wont’ like.

What do you need to know to do this
In my point of view, the job will be easier if you know little bit about HTML and CSS. But don’t worry, still you can do it. Juts follow the instructions below. You can learn more about HTML and CSS at w3schools.

How can I remove it (NavBar)
It is very simple. You don’t have to be web savvy to do it. Just copy and paste the CSS Code shown below in your blogger template and you are done.

1. Code for New Blogger: <style type="text…