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Distribution List in Microsoft Outlook

In OUTLOOK 2007:

A distribution List in Outlook 2007 is nothing but a collection of contacts and stored by default in "Contacts" folder in your computer. Basically, it provides an easy way to send e-mail to group of people in your organization or friends list. A message sent to a distribution list goes to all the recipient listed in the distribution list. A distribution list can be included in a message, task, meeting request and even in other distribution list.

We are going to create a distribution list by adding names from Address Book

1. From the "File" Menu -> New, click on "Distribution List"
2. Type the name of the distribution list in "Name" box.
3. Click on "Select Members" under "Distribution List" tab
4. Select the address book which contains the e-mails you want to add to the distribution  list in the "Address Book" drop-down
5. Now - Either "Search" the e-mail addresses or  scroll through the list, click on the name you want to add and then click on "Members" to add to the list. You will have to repeat this step for each e-mail you want to add to the list.
6. Click OK once done adding members and this will save a distribution list with the name you provided under Step-2 in "Contacts" folder in your computer.

Add a Distribution List to Contacts in Outlook 2007

This is about how to add a distribution list received from someoneelse to your contacts in Outlook 2007.

This is very simple. You just need few click to save the distribution list received from someone else to your Contacts in Outlook 2007. Distribution Lists are stored in Contacts folder by default. So, when you receive a distribution list from someone else, you can save it to your contact list as well.

This is how it is achieved -
1. Open the message which has distribution list.
2. Now, right-click the distribution in the deader of the message and click on "Add to Outlook Contacts".
3. Congratulations, You have successfully added the distribution list from a message.

Add / Remove Name in Distribution List in Outlook 2007

The instructions below will be useful for Outlook 2007 or earlier version. Here, we shall be discussing about how to add or remove a name from distribution list. There are often times when you are required to add or drop names from e-mail list. Lets go through the steps below to add or remove names from distribution list in Outlook 2007.

1. Open the Outlook 2007

2. Click on Contacts in the left-pane

2. Open the distribution list you want to edit (i.e. Add/Remove) by clicking on it

3. While in "Distribution List" tab, click on "Select Members"

4. From the Address Book drop-down list, select the address book which contains the e-mail address

5. Now Search the name or go through the names by scrolling through the address book and click the name you want to add and then click on "Members" to add. Repeat this step for every name you want to add to the list.

6. To remove - click on the name showing under Members box and then click "Remove". Repeat this step for every name you want to remove from the list.
In OUTLOOK 2010:

I guess you are familiar with distribution list. You have been using distribution list with previous versions of MS Office older than 2010. It is now called Contact Group in Office 2010.
Distribution list is a collection of email addresses under one name. It is used when you have to send an email to several people in your contacts. The most obvious way is to add all the recipients addresses manually and send it. It is lot of work and there is a chance that you might miss out one or more email addresses from your desired list. Distribution list solves that problem as well. You just have to create a new distribution list and add all the email address in the list and save it with a name. When you want to send the email to this newly created distribution list, you just have to add it as if you are adding an email address. This will send email to everybody in that list.

Now, what is "Contact Group"?. Contact Group (Outlook 2010) is the new name for the same old distribution list as known in previous version of MS Outlook. It works same as distribution list and an email sent to a Contact Group will send email to all the recipient listed in the group.
Contact Group/Distribution List can be included in messages, task requests, meeting requests and in other Contact Group / Distribution list.


Now lets talk about how to create a Contact Group in Outlook 2010 -
1. Open Outllook in your computer - Click on Start Button -> All Programs -> Microsoft Office -> Microsoft Outllook 2010
2. Once Outllook is open, Click on Contacts in the left pane
3. Then Click on the "New Contact Group" and type the name of the Contact Group in the name box
4. Under Contact Group tab, Click on Members Group and then click on "Add Members".
5. After you have clicked on "Add Members", you will be given three (3) choices - [i]. From Outlook Contacts [ii]. From Address Book [iii]. New E-mail Contact
6. If you are adding contacts from Outlook contacts or Address Book, do following - go to the Address Book drop down list and click on the name you want to add to the list and then Click on "Members" to add the name to the Contact Group. You need to repeat this process for every contact you want to add to the Contact Group List.
7. If you have selected to add members from E-mail Contact, you will be required to enter the information for the person in the "Add New Member" dialog box.

Add a Contact Group Received from Someone in Outlook 2010

As you have seen in my last two post, how to create a Contact Group in Outlook 2010, what if you have received an email from someone who has sent you an email using Contact Group and you want to add that list in your Outlook 2010. This is simplest in all the previous guides in this context.
1. Open the Message that contains the Contact Group which you want to save yo your contacts in Office 2010.

2. Now, Right-click the Contact Group in the To or Cc box and then click "Add to Outlook Contacts"

3. This will add the Contact Group in your Outlook Contacts.


Add / Delete Name from Contact Group in Outlook 2010

You already have a Contact Group set up in your Outlook 2010 and want to add or delete one or more e-mail address from that. How do you do that?
1. Fist of all, you need to click on Contacts from the left pane and click on "Contact Group".

2. On the Contact Group tab, click on the Members group. Once you have clicked Members group, click on "Add Members" and then click on "From Outlook Contacts or From From Address Book"
3. Now, click the address book that contains the e-mail address you want to add.

4. Browse through the list of names or type the name in search box and click on the name you wish to add in the Contact Group and then click "Members" to add it. Do this for every contact you want to add to the Contact Group.

5. To add an e-mail address which is not in the address book - Click on Members group under Contact Group tab and then click on "Add Members" -> New E-mail contact and type the e-mail address and click OK.

6. To remove or Delete names from Contact Group - click on the name you want to remove from the list of names and click on "Remove Member" under Contact Group -> Members group.