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How To Monetize Your Website

If you already have a high traffic website, then you have following options which can make money for you.

1. Advertisement: You can earn handsome money from advertising on your website. Very important note for a newcomer - you can get advertisement for your website even if you are just starting out and your site is relatively unknown.

There are different kind of advertisement which is explained below:
  • Contextual Ads: The good example of this kind of ad is Google Adsense. You only need to paste few line of HTML code on your page which will display ads matching to your page contents. You will get paid for clicks of that displayed ads.
  • In-Text Ads: The advertiser’s link is associated with ordinary keywords in the page. A small amount is paid for every click of that keyword.
  • Links and Banners: You have to display links or banners on your website. You get paid for introducing their products to visitors and get paid a commission by merchant based on Paid per click, Paid per lead or Paid per sale. The good example of this is Commission Junction.
The way to do this is to join as an Affiliate of various websites, either directly or through an Affiliate Network. An Affiliate Network is nothing but an intermediary between you and various other Advertisers. All of them are free. But some of them want you to have a Domain or some of them to have a minimum number of visitors to your website. To join as an Affiliate: just go to the site, register online and after approval from them; cut and paste some html code on your website given by them.

2. Affiliate Marketing: You simply have to direct traffic to affiliate’s website and earn commissions when people buy their products.

4. Reseller Business: You can also make money by promoting a merchant's products as your own business.

5. Sell your own product or services Directly: Like if you have a web site on "making money online" and you are a web designer, you can make an offer to design web site to your visitor, so that they can make money from website.

6. If you have unique and valuable content on your site, then charge a fee to access them.

Payment Schemes:

Before you join any Affiliate Programs, you need to following terms for payment schemes. This will help you choose best affiliate program suitable for your website.
  • Pay Per Impression: Pay Per Impression is also sometimes called as Pay Per Exposures/Page Views. In this, Advertisers pay you based on referral link/banner ads every time displayed on your website. Typically, prices are set per one thousand exposures.
  • Pay Per Click: In this, you only need to pay an Advertiser when a searcher or potential visitor clicks on your listing and connects to your site. You don’t pay to list, or for the impression of your ad; you only pay for clicks or click-troughs. In Contrast, if you are Publisher you only get paid by advertiser when some one click on the PPC ads displayed on your website.
  • Pay Per Sale or Lead: In Pay per Sale, you get paid for every sale made through your website. Pay Per Lead is different. Actually a "pay per lead" is not an actual sale, rather an inquiry.

How to Choose an Affiliate Programs:

While choosing an affiliate programs, same rule doesn’t apply to all the sites. But there are few guideline you should follow like-
  • Choose according to your website contents, not by affiliate type or Payment Scheme;
  • Stick to only one and well reputed Program that have proven to be good over the years. Because some of them are scam.
Some of the suggested Affiliate Programs are: Google Adsense, Commission Junction, LinkShare, Amazon Associate Program, Associate Program,

Disclaimer: Use them on your won risk. I don’t endorse or approve the program or any of its contents.