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Clear History and Cookies in MS Edge

With the launch of Microsoft Edge browser, you will soon across this browser. Once you strat using it, you also need to know wher the information is stored in MS Edge browser and how to remove them when necessary.

Follow the steps below:
Open the MS EdgeIn the top right of the Window, hit the icon with three horizontal dots to open the more menuClick on the Settings tab at the bottom of the more menuUnder the "Clear browsing data", hit the botton - "Chise what to clear"Check the boxes that you want to delete. you can also see full list of options by clicking the drop down tab that says "SHow more"Then, Hit "Clear"You have successfully deleted the selected items

Linux System Accounting and Logging Basics

After you have completed installing Linux and set it up to do whatever you wanted it do, next big challenges is to maintain it. It appears a taunting task if you're not sure what's going on within the system. But you'll be much comfortable if you know about it. That's where System Accounting and Logging of Linux system comes in. Linux has very good system accounting and logging system in it. But you need to know certain thing in order to fully utilize the service. In this post, we'll be discussing four important areas where you will be checking what's going on withing your Linux system rather than configuring or modifying it. 1. Monitoring User Information 3. Quotas 2. System Logs 4. Monitoring Log Files
MONITORING USER INFORMATION As Linux is a multi-user and multi-tasking system, it is extremely essential for you as system administrator to keep eyes on each users. Linux by default stores lot of information about its user unless it asked specifically not to. T…

Create a List of Acronyms in Word

To generate a list of acronyms in Word, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open your document; find and select the first instance of an acronym (i.e. abbreviation) and its meaning

Step 2: Press Alt+Shift+X to mark the selected text for the index and click Mark.

Step 3: Repeat the steps 1 and 2 for additional acronyms and add them to the list

Step 4: Once all the acronyms and their meanings in the document are marked, move to the end of the document and insert the index (i.e. while in the Insert menu, point to reference and click "Index and Tables").

Step 5: Verify that the Index tab is selected and click OK