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Website Promotion

Unfortunately, there is no shortcut way to get traffic to your website. You need to work actively and follow the guidelines mentioned below for that. I believe that your website is ready and online. Next thing is to promote your site so that you can attract traffic towards your website. Only free and reliable methods are discussed to promote your site and which will bring traffic to your site.

1. Get your site work properly: This is very important thing to consider. Before you start promoting your site, you should make sure that your site is complete and well-structured. Otherwise, you won’t be able to retain the incoming visitors.

2. Optimize your site for Search Engines: After your site is ready for human, now the time has come to make it good for search engine so that spider can understand it and give it better ranking in search engine. Read Site Optimization for Search Engines to get more idea about it. This is one of the best and free ways to get visitors to your website. You should optimize your website to get better ranking in search engine. There are only 3 major search engines- Google, Yahoo and MSN and you should try to get listed into them. Submit your site to Google, Yahoo and MSN.

3. Hand Submit to Search Engines: I strongly feel that you should submit your site manually to search engines. Search Engines may punish your site for automatic submission if you are using any robotic submission. Submit your site manually to Google, Yahoo and MSN.

4. Hand Submit to Directories: There are many directories but two of them are very famous. DMOZ and Yahoo Directory is the most preferred directory for Google.

DMOZ (Open Directory): This is a human-edited directory and it's important because Google gets some of its results from DMOZ and listings in DMOZ carry a lot of link weight with Google. Submit your site in right category and don’t submit more than once. That is very important and if you do, you will get banned for spamming and your site will never be listed. Another important thing is that make sure your site is ready before you submit it.

Yahoo Directory: This is another directory which also carries lot of weight link with Google. But it costs $299/year for a product or sales site to be listed in Yahoo. That doesn't guarantee a listing either. It is free for non-commercial sites.

5. Links Exchange: The more sites that link to your site the higher your ranking in Google and some of the other search engines will be, but not all links are created equal. A link from DMOZ is a great link to get. Links from Free for All links pages are worthless. You should exchange links with people that have a website on a topic that's related to what your website is about. Otherwise, there is no use of that. That will not help you in SERP(Search Engine Ranking Page).
6. Paid Advertisement on Pay Per Click Search Engines: This is easy and fast way to attract traffic to your site. But it costs money. If you have budget then this is good option to go for. The beauty of PPCs is that you don’t have to wait for weeks and months to achieve a top ranking for your keyword. Technically, listing is free. Your ad will appear on Google, Yahoo and other search engine and you only have to pay for clicks not for page impression.