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There is a Brahman which is all pervading and pervasive. That was always there and that will always be there. That is the beginning and that is the end. That is everything.

There is an Atman, pieces that come out of Brahman. That Atman enters Maya (Prakriti).

Brahman is Purush (pure consciousness and energy). Atman comes out of it and enters Maya (Prakriti) and the atman is surrounded by a physical structure body. Atman reveals itself through Chetna (consciousness), Chetna interacts with body, and body interacts with Maya (Prakriti) through three ways (Sattvik Guna, Rajasik Guna and Tamasik Guna). Every interaction generates Karma. Good deeds generate good Karma and bad deeds generate bad Karma.

When the body dies, the Atman takes another birth in any of the six categories (Aquatic, Plants, Insects, Birds, Animals and Humans) based on the thought of the Atman at the time of death and its Karmic balance.

Karma can only be generated in human life because only humans have free will and c…